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Short Film and Music Video nonsense.

Sour Mash has served as a banner title to all creative and largely pointless crap created by a small group of individuals from north west England.

Over the years we've made a number of different types of media as we slowly learnt what we were good at and what we should focus on. We've made short films, music videos, trailers, comics, short stories, novels, effects edits, photographs, songs, bands, websites, graphic design work, logos, artwork, animations, radio shows, voiceover work, computer games and even a stage play.

Granted that vast majority of it has been shash, but then again, we were only learning. This self-taught approach has however atleast lead to the core members of the sourmash team now working for and co-creating a music video production company named Wasp Video.

The videos uploaded represent the only things of worth that were ever made and archived. Hopefully there is something of merit.

sourmash MMXI.


  1. Matthew Hockey
  2. Phil C
  3. John Corrin