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Adelaide, South Australia

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Through Local Eyes: Films by local South Australians

A little bit of local knowledge can go a long way when you're travelling.

These films, created by South Australian filmmakers, capture a vision of the state through the eyes of passionate locals. They've tapped into the beautiful and the bizarre, the cool and the quant, to present the hidden gems of Adelaide and South Australia, usually known only to the most die-hard locals.

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  • Website - Tourism information about South Australia
  • YouTube - Through Local Eyes on YouTube


  1. Nima Nabili Rad
  2. Samuel Wark
  3. David Parkinson
  4. Randy Larcombe
  5. Andy Ellis
  6. Urtext Films
  7. John Marius
  8. Anna Bardsley-Jones
  9. Daylight Breaks
  10. Aaron Schuppan
  11. Benjamin Dowie
  12. Hungry Creatives
  13. Already Home