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South Houston, TX

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Oldest Indoor Skatepark in Texas, been supporting the local Houston Skateboarding scene since 1994. Home to the Annual Johnny Ramono Skate Jam (formerly Texas Skate Jam) which raises money for the Make a Wish Foundation. We also have a large summer contest called Southside Showdown, in which a large cash purse is awarded to the top three skateboarders.

About our Filmer...Bigo,
Born Long Island, NY, moved to Texas in 79' and have been living here ever since. Skateboarding for the last 25 years, my birthday even turned into Go Skateboarding Day. Have been filming skateboarding with friends since 1988. VHS to SONY Hi8 to SONY DV and finally Panasonic HVX. Hopefully I will have able to crank out some intesting things for everyone to watch and link it to our skatepark's website, . If you are interested in talking with me or getting a hold of me you can find contact information there. I work there pretty much every day with my wife Janine. Thanks for watching...

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