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Daniel I. Clark and Trevor Naud are musical and artistic collaborators of long-standing, most recently as the vocalists in Detroit-based pop-art group Zoos of Berlin.

Clark and Naud’s recording project South South Million centers around the collage of live instrumentation, samples, and found sounds. Their painterly approach to the arrangement of these diverse materials strikes a balance between ornate song craft and electro-acoustic experimentation.

They are junk collectors. Much of their work begins with Clark and Naud repurposing fragments from past recordings of their own. As a composition evolves, original playing becomes harder to distinguish from elements they have taken from records and radio broadcasts.

Their debut full-length record, Wind Hand Caught in the Door, is available courtesy of NYC's Triple Down Records. It is a kaleidoscopic combination of the strange and the familiar. Loop-driven rhythms dissolve into a shimmering fabric of tones, and elaborate vocal harmonies serve equally as a source of melody and another layer of texture.

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