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Hey there, my name's Jacob and I live in California where I grew up loving all things art, especially animation. There are plenty of well known animated movies I could recommend, but a few overlooked ones you should check out are Cat's Don't Dance, The Iron Giant, and the first Land Before Time. There's so much awesome material out there, its easy for things to slip through the cracks and pass you by. Giving new ideas and stories a chance while not holding judgment is a huge part of who I am and came from experiencing just that. One day after finally watching Spirited Away, I realized that the film's studio had also made My Neighbor Totoro, a long lost childhood favorite of mine (I never knew the movie's title and lost it when I was a kid). I had re-discovered Studio Ghibli and many more amazing films thanks to a little open-mindedness. Doing this with art and ideas is extremely important for being an artist, so don't ignore something because its weird or complex, it can inspire you and add to your creativity when you least expect it.

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