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Le Locle, Switzerland

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Soyouth : Darkpsy and Uplifting Chill-out DJ, demented psychedelic VJ, live-act projects (Enacter & MindB3nd3rs)... Soyouth wants to do everything and ends up loosing himself into alternate worlds... But whatever he does, you can expect him to always push its limits in humbly trying to spread the mindblowing psychedelic vibe around :-)
Let's all consciousness be one !

T-Vision (aka Teratone Vision) is a french-swiss team composed of VJ's Ikar (Geneva), Soyouth (Paris) & Yog (Nice), providing a synaesthetic experience celebrating the deep spirit within trance. This VJ crew offers a unique, six-hand-made, live video performance : blending together video footage, homemade creations & live input into an alien psychedelic lifeform. They are pushing for high-quality, liquidelik visuals to drive you into a mind-altering journey by putting the emphasis on live improvisation, beat reaction and enhanced interactivity.

Those three goafreaks strongly believe in the multisensory psychedelic state of trance triggered by dancing, music, video, lights, incents, nature, empathy with other people. That is why visuals shall not be seen as separate from other ingredients of the magic, it is important for them to be really integrated, this can be achieved by using new shapes and materials for projections and through more interaction with artists, stage designers and deco teams. They gather regularly at TripBubble Lab, to carry out twisted experiments: interactive installations, multi-screen projections, immersive virtual-reality setups, timelapse shootings, prepare a forthcoming audiovisual performance... and they are willing to spread the vibe on the world's pupils.

In January 2006, T-Vision gathered in Basel to participate to Albert Hofmann's 100th b-day symposium. Lots of wise freaks from around the world tried to draw out what could be the integration of psychedelics into third millenium societies rituals, towards a new, wider range of consciounsness states for mankind to step into a new era. They're ready to ride this everincreasing wave.

Summer 2006 has been very satisfying for their creative minds : they showcased the "Space-Time Continuum Distortion" videosculpture at Hadra Trance Festival and Gaia's Osmose parties; together with Osmosi Multimedia at Sonica Festival 2006 cultural area, they introduced the concept of "Magic Theatre" ; they then managed to keep a good balance between serious and fun at Boom Festival, playing gigs during two full nights as well as a versus set during Utopia's crazy last night. Finally they completed the mind melting process by throwing their best visual vibrations, playing a "lysergic shaman special VJ set" at Goa Gil's 24h party on Mount Fuji. Last but not least they took part to Earth Dance global party by playing two nights at Psy16 Earth Energy festival in Yamanshi mountains (Japan).

Their return to western culture reality, was at full speed, first with the Elec'tonique Festival in Switzerland, then with one of the rare open air parties in Paris (Liquidelik garden 2) where they presented a video and laser show which was reacting to music. Finally they return once more to switzerland to supervise the visual stepup of Digit'Art (Vevey Switzerland).

They came up with a new concept in the insane laboratory which housed "From dusk tull dawn" party. A true hybridization of real material and virtual texture. They now work on a total fusion of audio and video, which they experimentated through their symbiosis with audio artist Atyss in a party inside the church Saint Sauveur. They took part new year eve party where they experimentated again an audio-video fusion with Chromatone and Bliss (Timegate 2007). They are now gathering they forces for the upcomming summer 2007 ;-)

Peace Love Unity and Respect for the world !

Myspace : myspace.com/teratone (just opened)

Tribe.net : tribes.tribe.net/tvision

Dailymotion : dailymotion.com/group/teratonevision

Psygarden : psygarden.be/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=5376

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