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Fly-fishing and architecture have shaped my life from the young age of 9. My passion for architecture led me to Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo California where I was exposed to the principles of design, composition and the ubiquitous black turtleneck. At the same time I was chasing fish with a fly rod in the High Sierra's, this exposure to the natural world gave my life balance.

1999 was an important year, I celebrated ten years practicing architecture and it was the year I started documenting architecture with a camera. This slight directional shift opened an entire new world. Recording the built environment with a camera felt so natural. Compositions and the challenging technological requirements needed for shooting architecture became a pursuit for knowledge and understanding that continues today. I enjoy nothing better than talking with my clients about their concept for a building and understanding it from their perspective, and then going into the field and capturing an image that portrays what they worked so hard to achieve.

Architectural imagery has led me into exploring and pursuing many avenues of photography. I love to expose images of the built environment, portraits, lifestyles, and nature. I can’t help but see images around me constantly, as well as the color of light at a particular moment. I love everything about photography from technology and the gear, to the transient moments of capturing a portrait that truly conveys someone's personality.

From my years in the architectural field I believe that the collaboration with good people can lead to more than the sum of the individuals. I encourage all my clients to be on location and ask questions and get involved in the process. I was fortunate to be introduced to the art of fly fishing and architecture early in life and to have discovered a passion for image creating that allows me to work within and enjoy both art forms.

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