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SPACESCAN is a unique service that offers fully immersive 3D walkthrough environments of real existing spaces. We provide accurate documentation for any kind of interior space by utilising cutting edge technology. Whether it be residential homes for sale or in construction phases, restaurants, museums, art galleries, retail outlets and almost anything you can think of SPACESCAN can capture it exactly the way it looks and most importantly how it feels.

The end result is a portal much like a youtube video player where you may walk through your world online at anytime you want. You may share your scanned world with anyone you want with a simple URL link. SpaceScan also provides you with a fully editable model file that can be used in most 3D software programs (Google SketchUp, AutoCAD, 3DS MAX etc.) on Mac or Windows platforms. This is a great way to visualise and edit your space to see your vision through in the most real way possible.

The camera works by shooting texture imagery and measurements at the same time, and assembling a series of polygons to form an editable 3D model.

A standard home with 3 bedrooms, living, kitchen, 2 bathrooms will only take about 2-3 hours on site to capture and about 1-2 hours worth of uploading and processing. You able to have your walkthough space and model in the same day.

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