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Special Chronicles is a Nonprofit new media company.

Mission: Giving Respect and Voice to People with Special Needs

Vision: Podcasting Disability Stories from an Insider’s Perspective

The Special Chronicles radio show tells special needs stories in an unique way because the host, Daniel “PodmanDan” Smrokowski, is a person with special needs. Because of his insider’s perspective and the show being available online, Special Chronicles broadcasts distinctive, first person accounts of special needs that are heard around the world. Daniel interviews people with special needs including their families, friends and anyone who touches their lives.

One by one the Special Chronicles radio show lets us meet real people, hear their voices and understand what is important to people with special needs. While this may not be a message you personally benefit from, it is desperately needed in the special needs community. We all need an outlet, a place to be understood and Special Chronicles provides that for people with both visible and invisible special needs.

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