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Who we are :

Spectro - a team of talented artists united by vision.

In this brave new world, our lives are controlled by an increasingly complex system of communication, where images replace languages, interactions alter experiences, and brands become beliefs.

What we do :

We see clients as partners in creating captivating content using innovative storytelling, interactive technology, and new media platforms.

We generate audience engagement through an integrated creative process from concept development and visual design to the production of a fully realized media experience.

We do all this for one purpose - to connect our clients with their audiences through an elevated brand experience.

Our Services :

1. Strategy and concept development
- Creative direction
- Concept/Art design
- Campaign planning
2. AV Production
- Live action
- 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics
- Projection mapping
3. Event Support
- Onsite and remote technical direction

Email : info@spectrovisuals.tv

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