Spencer Creelman

Timberlea, NS, Canada

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I grew up just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia and received my bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Design from Halifax's NSCADU (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University [College... University? I know]).

Since my second year of university I've spent more time going somewhere else than living anywhere near Halifax. I've spent time working in Pennsylvania, USA, studied theology in canton Vaud, Switzerland, volunteered in a few Andean communities in Peru, backpacked through much of western Europe and hitchhiked across much of my beloved Canada. But my university education certainly hasn't gone to waste as I've been creating everywhere I've been, photo manipulations in France, Art Festival branding and promotion in Ontario and numerous projects in Québec City.

If you have any design questions or requests, please drop me a line! You can check out my portfolio at spencercreelman.com

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