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Stephen Goodman has been playing guitar since 1971 and recording the results since 1980. His influences include Beethoven, Barber, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Peter Gabriel, Jimi Hendrix, John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson, Spike Jones, Phil Manzanera, John McLaughlin, Keith Richard, Raymond Scott, Tangerine Dream, Neil Young, Frank Zappa, and many others. Exposed to classical music and sporadic piano lessons in youth, Stephen started playing by ear early on, and having learned most of his “chops” from non-traditional sources, hopes to bring a new viewpoint to the music scene wherever he is. In 1996 he invented a software-encapsulated player for short sound files on the PC, which, when started, plays itself in a loop, providing “an ambient backdrop for your desktop.” It is still unduplicated today.

Since its creation, the Loop Of The Week has been posted online at on a (mostly) weekly basis. His current music work is in the ambient-situational area, creating both hypnotic material for meditative activity, and variable soundtracks for everyday thoughts. At this time,it is also being played in a number of theraputic arenae, including hospice and a cancer care facility. Work is now being completed on the artwork for “S”, a first release on marketable CD, as well as “Club Meditation,” a collection of 15 pieces “containing no hard edges to distract you while relaxing,” according to S.P. Since 1986 S.P. has operated in the computer business as EarthLight Productions, and has extended this umbrella to also include not only the music work but illustration, design, and cartooning of astonishing speed.

Recent works involve online jamming via audio and video streaming webcasting, and the happy involvement in a number of virtual festivals since 2007.

Most of the above of course melded with an interest in film going back to pre-teens and a 20-year distraction working up the IT sector to MIS Director, to say nothing of the six-year renovation of a London Victorian house; now located in a 16th-Century thatched farmhouse with wife Sarah, and quite a number of birds, cows, pheasants, and other livestock not their own. Work begins in late 2009 on EarthLight Studios One, a music and video studio with fast Internet and broadcastability, and he's getting back to his creative efforts, honest! Videos now contain his music as well. Here. No, over here.

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