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SPHUNKGRAFIX is the alter-ego of Joel Martinez Villena. He is Higher National Diploma in Computing and Multimedia Design made in ESI (Escola de Sistemes Informàtics) in Barcelona.

He has a Graduate Digital Video performed at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

He has a Master's Degree in Motion Graphics BAU Barcelona.

He has also conducted several seminars and workshops given by renowned specialists in different disciplines., such as live audiovisual workshop taught by Eloi Maduell (vj Pause) belonging to the group Telenoika, or seminars about Ableton Live conducted by Institut Fatima and Pablo Bolivar.

He attended the Intensive Workshop Real-Time Visual taught by Mia Makela (Solu), known live cinema artist, teacher and cultural activist.

He attended a Quartz Composer workshop and a Resolume Avenue/Arena workshop, this last one taught by the creators of this software.

Over the past decade he took contact with the digital world and in the beginning of this decade is when he begins to approach to the new ways of digital audiovisual creation.

His visual works is covering different graphic styles, from abstraction to figuration, from the real image to elements of motion graphics, exploring the possibilities of collage and fusion of different media in the world of video.

Musically, his tastes started from pioneers Kraftwerk, through German and British techno scene, the IDM, Ambient, Experimental ... until the most recent trends of Minimal-House and Minimal-Tech.

Driven by this desire for a natural confluence of two great passions: the world of image and music, decided to co-founding a project which would accommodate electronic dance music with a penchant for cutting-edge sounds and away of music "mainstream" and where there was a greater role in the creation of visuals, capturing a range of abstract digital landscapes.

He participated with his works in the following events:

- The Loft
- Pacha club
- Projections at the Convent de Sant Agustí
- Blasphemy Party in Voltech sessions.
- Sala Apolo (Lust Event for Espacio Único)
- Niu ArtSpace for the event "Erotrónica"
- Punto y Raya Festival 2009 at the Centre d'Art Santa Monica in Barcelona
- 7 ª Mostra Visual i Sonora 2010 in the Convent de Sant Agustí
- Visuals for the group "Cúpula de Venus"
- Festival Rave to the Grave in Sant Quirze del Vallés invited by the group "Envidiarte"
- Festival Art-e 2010 invited by the group "Telenoika"
- Sala Clap (Mataro) for the electronic music group Sickbeat
- At "Miscelanea" Art Space with the musician Ragul, in the Music by Microfusa Reload contest
- Festival Punto y Raya 2011 at the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid.
- Projections at Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona Closing Party, at MACBA.
- CoolActive Night Party with Ababol Party (Barcelona).
- "To Bit or not to Beat" audiovisual jam session by Audiovisual City (Barcelona).

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