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Providence, Rhode Island, USA

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SPICY WIT is a mockumentary-style television series, the spawn of a seed planted in 2009 around a Brown University dining hall table. At Brown, "spicy with" is the colloquialism employed for a chicken sandwich (plus cheese) served at a popular eatery. In life, SPICY WIT intends to get you fired up about social justice without letting you forget to use your head.

The pilot episode, premiering in January 2013, redefines "black comedy": it is satiric, smart, and situated carefully between that place where you are laughing and simultaneously wondering if maybe you shouldn't be laughing. Think: the erraticism and non-sequiturs of "Family Guy," the mockumentary style of "The Office," the attitude of "Awkward Black Girl," and the absurdity of the nightly news.

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