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Arnhem, The Netherlands

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Sharp, bold and functional – Spijkers en Spijkers have since the label’s foundation in 2000 built an instantly recognizable and desirable style. While rebelling against stereotypical ideas of femininity. Spijkers en Spijkers speak to confident, active and modern women who rewrite the rules about their sex.

After all, Spijkers en Spijkers is female design knowledge squared. Twin sisters Truus and Riet set up the company after having graduated from the College of the Arts in Arnhem and completed an M.A at the Fashion Institute Arnhem. While still in college the girls separately won prizes: the Body Fashion Design Award and the Contec Design Award. The winning streak continued when their debut collaboration was honored with the Robijn Fashion Award.
The twins complement each other’s talents perfectly: Truus is the painter, she thinks in style and colours, while Riet is the sculptor, turning their mutual ideas into three-dimensional pieces. Citing Schiaparelli and Vionnet as their respective heroines, the pair utilizes their individuality for their common vision. They like to work with strong and clear geometrical forms, and use them to create coupe and to emphasize the female body. This way they can show the female forms in a strong and independent way.

Their debut collection under the Spijkers en Spijkers label for SS 2001 was simultaneously avant-garde and wearable, carving a niche for what would become their signature style: one known for its graphic detailing, cut and outstanding use of colour. The mix of soft materials with hard lines comes from an ongoing historical fascination with the 1920’s: A time loved by the twins for it’s great renewal in arts,
design and attitude. For Spijkers en Spijkers this is the era where their muses where born, independent thinkers with a mind of their own. With these inspiring role-models Spijkers en Spijkers play the role of “modern suffragettes” and reach out to women to give them confidence to be who they want.

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