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I’ve been a member here for a while, and i was always impressed with alot of the work on the site, but never got around to buying a camcorder. My main hobby would involved photography, and since last year it has become one of my main interest in which i’d like to pursue it as a career option sometime down the line in the next few years.
Recently i bought a new camcorder - Canon HG10, (I'm still getting used to some of the features and reading up about all this HD) I hope to achieve some of the results on here in the not to distant future. This site can become so inspiring, which leaves me thinking about ideas for most of the day. And i look forward to trying to build some sort of decent portfolio to help represent this.
I guess my main aim for using his site would be to learn/develop a style which will help incorporate my photos into film and everything will fit together seamlessly with some music. And also to keep enjoying the great work that a lot of people on here are doing.
So its trial and error from here on in.


Blogging my trip to NYC

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