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The SpinLight 360® Modular System is a one-stop solution for controlling your flash light, both on-camera and off. Instantly and easily change the direction or ratio of light and shadows on your subject to create desirable three-dimensional looks. The SpinLight 360® is an extremely versatile system, unlike anything else, and gives you many ways with which you can achieve a bounce flash to get studio quality lighting anywhere you are. Use the SpinLight 360® to bounce your flash onto surfaces around you like a white wall, allowing you to effectively utilize your surroundings to act as a soft-box, turning your small light source into studio-like lighting. And for locations with high ceilings or outside where you have no place to bounce your light, use the half dome to bounce the flash against a white card with quick and precise control. You can even create your own portable studio using several off-camera flashes with SpinLight 360’s attached to them.

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