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The history of Spiral69 begins in 1992, when Riccardo Sabetti, returning from a concert by The Cure, decides that will do the musician in life: a sudden decision and sudden that changes his entire life. Lot of years later, in 2001, is published "Fiori 0.2", the first album by Pixel, industrial project in which Riccardo is the author, voice and guitars . Later he began working with the historical formation dark wave, Argine. In 2007 left the band to work on his solo project, Spiral69 and released his first album "A Filthy Lesson for Lovers" with Megasound: the album gets excellent results in specialized magazines and fanzines, and is followed by a long series of concerts throughout Europe, where Riccardo is accompanied by Enzo Russo on guitar Andrea Freda (from Spiritual Front) on drums and Licia Missori on piano.

In 2010 the band is the support band to the Italian tour of Love Amongst Ruin, the project of the historic drummer of Placebo, Steven Hewitt.

In March 2011 the band released the highly anticipated second album "No Paint On The Wall", which consecrate the creature of Sabetti to the public and the press all over Europe. This was followed by a lot of gigs to promote the album, and the vies of "Love is for Losers" and "Best Porno". This video gets over 20,000 views in a small time, or "The Girl Who Dances Alone at the Disco" that shows the band duet with Tying Tiffany.

During the tour following the album's release, the band is chosen from Lou Reed to be part of the soundtrack of her first film / documentary titled "Red Sherly" with the song "Berlin".

Currently the band is involved in the production of an EP scheduled for the early 2013 , produced by Steve Hewitt (Placebo / LAR) and mixed by Paul Corkett (Sound engineer for Nick Cave, Radiohead, the Cure, Bjork, Placebo and many more .. ).

Spiral69 is one of the few Italian bands that played at the Wave Gotik Treffen 2012, the most important festival of dark / wave in Europe.
And at the Children of Night Fest 2012 in Kiev.

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