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First and foremost? I'm a total tit, and examples of tit-like behaviours are frequently documented on my blog. I like good manners, French wine, dancing like nobody is watching and well dressed women. I dislike early mornings, rude people and Weetabix. I suffer from high self-esteem, and if I met me I'd probably think I was rude, overconfident and self-indulgent, but don't let that put you off. I can tell a good joke and sink a tequila shot with the best of 'em. I'm currently learning how to write, and do it all- scriptwriting, screenplay writing, feature writing, fiction writing. I try to be funny, and not just funny-looking. I'm sorry, that's as good as the puns get. I believe in being brave and taking risks. Nothing can substitute experience. I don't talk about things, I do 'em. It often gets me into trouble, but then I write about it. And that brings me full circle to the aforementioned tit-like behaviour. This is a Life in the Day of Me. I'm what the earth revolves around.

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