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Splice Here® is a full-service post-production company. Located in the Historic Warehouse District of Minneapolis, Splice has expanded its reach nationally, collaborating closely with commercial, broadcast and feature clients and has extensive experience with digital signage and other environmental video installations. Dedicated to stellar client service and uncompromised production value, the prolific Splice team provides concepting, design, edit, color, visual effects, sound, original music and delivery for high-profile projects. Splice has recently created for Best Buy, Target, Union Bank, Edwards Ice Cream, University of Minnesota, and St. Jude Medical, as well as agencies Olson, Mono and Colle+McVoy. Splice has worked on promotion and programs for The History Channel, Discovery Channel, Food Network and Nickelodeon. Award-winning feature projects include Stuck Between Stations, Ana's Playground, Wedding Bros., Pride of Lions, Space Junk 3D and Good Morning, Beautiful.

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