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Amanda Strong is a mulch-diciplined media artist working between Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Her work comes from a highly personal space exploring ideas of memory, tragedy, and salvation. These ongoing themes provide ways to explore larger overarching global issues of interconnectivity, relationships and issues surrounding the precarious state of humanity. Her use of film, photography and illustration seeks to create meaningful bridges between via the creation of imaginary worlds, crossing traditional film genres of documentary, animation and narrative.

As an indigenous person (Cree Metis), the concepts of community are critical elements in Amanda’s life. Just as important to her personal practice, her engagement with community plays a significant role in her life. This work explores facilitation and curation of youth via media and the arts as a method of healing and expression. Amanda is the co-founder of Indigenous Routes Collective, a sustainable cross-cultural training program for Aboriginal youth, as well as Media Creatorz, indigenous youth media workshops and projects. Amanda has curated, facilitated, programed and taught youth all across Canada.

Amanda is currently working on two projects “Honey for Sale” and “Indigo” . These projects make use of this hybridity between both media, diverse communities and artistic intention. The film Honey for Sale is a feature length film, using bees as a metaphor to explore and contextualize our current situation as humans on this earth. This project will blend animation, film and music to create a poetic world from which we can witness ourselves mirrored in in the recent and rapid decline of the bees. Indigo is a film project that examines the implications of the decline of the Imagination with age concurrent with the rise of rationality and the cyclical war these two archetypes engage in. This world is created using more traditional stop-motion techniques set within highly stylized imaginary worlds. Amanda’s work has been exhibited and screened worldwide, and has received grants from Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts,and the NFB, most notably recieving the 2013 K.M. Hunter media arts award.

Looking to the future, Amanda will continue to explore these hybrid film styles learning and expanding her techniques as a creator, developing as a story-teller and deepening her understanding of her own artistic process. Future projects will continue to use the combinations of metaphor , imagination and technique as a way to explain community and issues that impact us, personally, locally and globally.

Amanda is currently in post-production with her latest short animation “Indigo” encompassing the imaginative world and sensitivities of indigo children. the as well as her first feature length film “Honey For Sale”. The film is set to

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