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Squadron being the originators and leading electro music event organisation in Malta, has played a most important role in the ever increasing popularity of the so called ‘electronic’ sound. Having been involved in the music scene since 2002, Squadron are now definitely the most requested and respected in this scene. Squadron events have successfully managed to breed a new era of freaks who were not interested in dancing to the music which had dominated the scene for the past years. Squadron provided the means for these people to listen to all sorts of genres jammed into one night, ranging from true Electro and Chicago house music from its purest days, to the better days of Detroit-techno, mixed in with the less sinister Italo-Disco sounds of the early 80’s. Squadron's rise has not just contributed in building up a new crowd and scene, but has also inspired most of today's event organisations to shift styles or even start their own thing.

The following artists have been brought over by Squadron: Juan Atkins, DJ Rolando, Todd Terry, Marshall Jefferson, Les Petits Pilous, D.I.M, Dr.Lektroluv, Legowelt, Aux 88, Spacid, Le Syndicat Electronique, Alden Tyrell, DJ Serge, Bangkok Impact, Luke Eargoggle, Orgue Electronique, DJ TLR, DJ Godfather, The Chicago Shags, DJ Kafka and Rollinka.

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