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My name is Steve Aaron (SRA, that's me) and I love to tell stories. Always have. Started back in the 70's at summer camp around the bonfires. The scarier the better. The one about the guy who had a steel hook for a hand still freaks me out.

My first real job was in radio, then television. I got paid to tell stories about people. Fantastic! Some were average people. Some extraordinary. But each had their own story they were proud to share. I think I'm a pretty good listener. You need to be to tell stories.

After my NBC days, I was asked to help Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge tell his stories to 12 million people. Unbelievable opportunity. Got to travel the world with him. Places like Tokyo. Buenos Aires. Seoul. We helped spread the word about the great stuff Pennsylvania companies make. Those were some fun stories.

Since then, I've helped all kinds of businesses, non-profits, government agencies and organizations tell their stories. Through the media. Through presentations. Through video.

So now I find myself with 20+ years of telling stories. My two kids tell me I'm pretty good at it.

That's what SRA Communications is all about. I'd like to help you tell yours.

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