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Samuel Asher Rivello is the principal of Rivello Multimedia Consulting (RMC). RMC provides consulting services for applications and games. Sam consults on software architecture for apps (ex. Robotlegs, PureMVC, custom solutions) and for games (ex.Unity3D, HTML5 frameworks), advergames, and monetized virtual worlds. He sets up efficient teams & team workflows, champions best practices, and provides technical corporate training.

Sam has over a decade of experience creating games and applications, and is currently traveling the globe to collaborate with top companies. He is an Adobe Certified Designer and Developer, an Adobe Flex Champion, an international public speaker, and a university professor. His writing and coding have appeared in leading publications such as Adobe’s “EDGE”™ online magazine, and Futurenet Publishing’s “Computer Arts Projects”™ print magazine. His focus includes both application and game development but he continues to learn from across multimedia landscape. In recent years his focus has shifted to Unity3D as well as HTML5 standards development with JavaScript/CSS/HTML & frameworks such as Sencha and ImpactJS.

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