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Still Standing Digital Media House is a production company specializing in all facets of capturing and producing the highest quality HD and 4K digital cinema and photography for film, TV, web, commercial outlets, and social media.

We specialize in create meaning and desirability through Company Branding and Social Media Marketing Videos. We love to dive into each client’s individual story and find out what you’re about, why you do what you do and why you are so passionate about it. We believe there’s a story behind every great brand and we want to help you tell that story.

Our awesome and always funny group of creative minds always looks for the most unique way to tell your story and show your product out there. Using our in-house studio for film or photo shoots we will take any idea from concept to finished product, whether it is print, film, or photography. Or, if you’re looking for that one specific shot or piece of the project, Still Standing Digital Media House will take care of particular needs at any stage of production.

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