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Las Vegas, NV

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Swagg State Univercity Click (stylized as "S.S.U.C") is an US Hip Hop group with members from Fayetteville, NC, Waco, TX, Baltimore, MD, & Virginia Beach, VA. S.S.U.C was founded by Gerald Jackson (JB) and music production duo The Klutch Hitters own Walter "Maserati Walt" Hamilton, Jr. The group's members are Producer Maserati Walt and Producer-rapper Mike Izzo (The Klutch Hitters) as well as rappers Nyke and J Coope. S.S.U.C has a southern influence with a mixture of East and West Coast Club. Swagg State Univercity Click combines production by The Klutch Hitters and lyricism by Nyke, J-Coope, and Mike Izzo. Swagg State UniverCity Clothing was founded and is owned by J-Coope which is the brand that influenced SSUC. S.S.U.C's new single F.R.E.S.H is the first commercial release from the group. F.R.E.S.H released May 10, 2012 and is currently availiable on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Google Play, Emusic, Myspace Music, and etc. For more info about Swagg State Univercity Click please email S.S.U.C @ ssuc.info@gmail.com

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