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>we make cracking HD films

Didsbury / Manchester

STANDBY PRODUCTIONS creates high definition films. We don’t use templates and we never rush a film (although we are fast). We take time to get to know you, to understand what makes you and/or your brand tick.

We work across all industries, creating company films, high-end web advertising, web adverts, commercials, Fashion promos, Music videos, Viral Videos and company show-reels. You get a product that doesn’t just make you or your business look good (which it does), but it also perfectly reflects you and/or your brand identity.

If you’ve ever thought about creating a company film, but been turned off by the ones you’ve seen, then we already have something in common. We’re different. And that means our films don’t look home-made or generic, or like a 1970’s training video. We create high quality, high definition, bespoke films that are tailored to your brand and underpin your business.

We know that cost is an issue for everyone, so we started this business to make sure our clients could get high quality, high value films without Hollywood budgets (just Hollywood quality). Film isn’t the expense it once was, so if you have something to say, making a film could be the perfect way to say it.

Our team of directors all love what they do and genuinely get excited about making a new film. Here at STANDBY PRODUCTIONS, we pride ourselves on delivering an excellent service with the most competitive costs in the market (we know, we’ve checked) so call us for a chat if you want to find out how we can help you > 0161 215 0893

We love making films, so whether we’re filming or editing your film, there is one word on our minds >ENJOY. Because anyone can make a video about you or your business, but Standby Productions will create a film that will tell the story you want to tell AND be a film you will be proud of, that will create a buzz of excitement, for you and us!

talk to us at:

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