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Stan Evans' life behind the lens began as an awe-struck teenager in Alaska. Since then, his camera has led him on a quest around the world in pursuit of the wonderful and the weird. Evans' 18 years as a professional photographer have taken him deep into the world's most stunning mountain ranges and to locales as varied and remote as Kenya, Switzerland and beyond. Be it an ad campaign, a feature, imagery for a non-profit or a one-off day rate, he comes with the experience and education (BFA MSU '96) to make sure the job's done right. Aside from his expansive still photography portfolio, Evans has conceived, directed and/or produced numerous HD commercials for clients such as Kicker and BMW-Triumph of Salt Lake. In 2009, Evans produced STANCE, the most innovative women's snowboarding project ever undertaken internationally. In 2010, in partnership with Oakley and Red Bull, he headed up Say My Name, the world's first film project centered on a female pro skier, Grete Eliassen. It received world wide recognition and was awarded the best female performance from ESPN, Powder Magazine and the International Freeski Film Festival (Evans was also behind Eliassen's World Record Hip Jump with Red Bull.) Stan is always looking for new opportunities to challenge himself and express his unique vision. He brings enormous energy to all of his projects and will not pop the lens cap back on until the job's delivered -- on-time and on-budget.

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