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  1. 07:26

    TUFF (Toronto Urban Film Festival)

    by Stan Krzyzanowski

    8 Videos

    These are the films I've shown in TUFF http://www.torontourbanfilmfestival.com/

  2. 01:57:54

    Earth Ship Residency

    by Stan Krzyzanowski

    32 Videos

    I began a wonderful residency with Jeff Garcia at The Earth Ship in December of 2010. Jeff and I spent several months working and playing together. Some of the results are posted here. Read more about…

  3. 01:11:40

    Another Thousand Mountains

    by Stan Krzyzanowski

    5 Videos

    Videos documenting a two-day contemporary dance and music event, co-presented by Barbara Lindenberg and The Music Gallery. Choreography by Barbara Lindenberg. Performed by Meredith Thompson, Mairéad…

  4. 02:06:21

    A Month of Sundays - 2012

    by Stan Krzyzanowski

    25 Videos

    A Month of Sundays is a collaborative social art process continually rooted and re-rooted, in the experiences of the body. This performance and contemporary art series is curated and hosted by Aimée…

  5. 03:30:37

    Frame Frame

    by Stan Krzyzanowski

    29 Videos

    Sample videos selected to show during workshop on Time-Lpase animation at InterAccess nov. 2011

  6. 01:06:28


    by Stan Krzyzanowski

    39 Videos

    A sample selection of my videos

  7. 00:00

    Band Saw Box

    by Stan Krzyzanowski

    4 Videos

    Instructions (to my students) for making a bandsaw box with liner

  8. 00:00


    by Stan Krzyzanowski

    9 Videos

    Images and instruction to help my students begin to whittle. Do not try this without coaching from someone who is skilled in whittling, and certainly not before being made aware of the dangers of…

  9. 06:41

    Halo Halo Village Time-Lapse Camera

    by Stan Krzyzanowski

    23 Videos

    This camera has been going at the Village since the start...

  10. 00:00

    Ten Twenty-Four

    by Stan Krzyzanowski

    5 Videos

    Created during and documenting my residency with Jeff Garcia at the Earth Ship from December 2010 to March 2011.

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