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Seattle, WA

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I currently work for Created To Create, Seattle Dream Productions, and volunteer at College20s.

I'm always looking for more opportunities to collaborate, so feel free to contact me:

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I'm also on Instagram! :)

• BFA in Digital Filmmaking & Video
Art Institute of Seattle, 2012
• AA in Video Production
Bellevue College, 2010

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  1. BrainFarm
  2. stillmotion
  3. Tony Zhou
  4. LeftJet Studios
  5. Music Bed
  6. Withhearts
  7. Jim Dicecco
  8. Young Life
  9. Seattle Dream Production
  10. Evan Barbeyto
  11. zack spiger
  12. Brooklake Church
  13. Motion of Life Video Productions
  14. Alex Lawson
  15. Casual Industrees
  16. Jason Jantzen
  17. byDesign Films
  18. Leclerc Brothers Motion Pictures

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  1. "if you fall down, just do it again." So cool to see how God is teaching His ways even through slack lining.