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Floating World Pictures is a film direction team, the product of the combined skills of Australian directors Alexander and Christopher Mitchell. Melbourne born brothers who are leaders in their respective and contrasting communities.

Floating World Pictures also benefits from an extended family of artists, animators, designers, actors, photographers, sculptors, illustrators and musicians from around the world.
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Alexander Mitchell is a designer and curator who has been an intrinsic element in the development of Australia’s Street Art scene. With years of projects behind him, he currently curates Melbourne’s Backwoods Gallery, One of Australia’s leading street and emerging contemporary art galleries.
Alex is also the director of Floating World Art’s an art production company which produces and develops international art projects.

Christopher Mitchell is recognized as one of Australia’s premier performing arts and live music event producers and promoters. With a career that spans from national major festival production to working as a digital advertising consultant for some of Australia’s biggest youth brands, Chris has developed a unique and unparalleled professional philosophy towards theatrical and film production.

Chris is the owner and artistic director of the internationally celebrate and multi award winning Red Bennies a unique Australian venue designed to showcase the best in live music and performing arts.

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