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About Startup Weekend Education

SW EDU introduces educators and community leaders to “No Talk, All Action” and brings together an invaluable community of entrepreneurial minds. Education events are conceptualized with the goal of improving education for everyone by solving real problems constantly faced by educators - over the course of one weekend. With community-building as one of the key defining aspects behind the events, these events are structured to bring together educators from the local community so that they have a valuable space to address and solve problems.

Structurally, Startup Weekend Education is almost identical in format to a traditional Startup Weekend event:

o Individuals present an idea in a one-minute “Elevator Pitch” to the audience
o Teams are formed around the ideas that receive the most votes
o Each team spends the remainder of the weekend working on their “Minimum Viable Product”
o Teams present their work on Sunday night before a panel of judges

Here’s what makes SW Education events unique:

o Participants join forces to enhance the sphere of education and specifically address education-related problems - all pitches given on Friday deal with a problem or opportunity within education.
o Education events incorporate a new type of participant - Educators. Involvement from educators is integral to successful EDU events because they are the individuals who understand the problems that educators face more than anyone else.
o SW Education events brings in additional coaches and judges with a background in education.
o Overall, SW EDU differentiates the tone of Education events from “traditional” Startup Weekend events by bringing more educators into the dialogue and addressing ways to enhance education altogether.

Why Attend?

Everyone deserves the opportunity to claim an excellent education. Education as an entrepreneurial space has recently gained more attention, including interest and backing from the venture and incubator community – but there’s still much work to be done. We believe that in bringing together community leaders with backgrounds in education, development, design, business, and more, we can help to instigate a vibrant community that will inevitably make education more efficient, constructive, and powerful.

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