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Dear visitor. My name is Stanislav Lutsak.

I live in the city of Kaliningrad, It's the most western city in Russia. My city is located in Europe, it is a little To the north of Poland and to the west of Lithuania, on the bank of Baltic sea. For some years now, I am engaged in professional videography. This has been my hobby all my life, and I'm very glad that this business became my trade, in which I have improved through the years.

This web site presents some examples of my work so you can get an idea of the different types of video projects I have worked on. There is a combination of wedding video shoots and love stories which I have also fully edited. If you are interested in my work, I am ready for the challenge and willing to travel throughout Europe.
Please, contact me by e-mail
cell: +7-906-214-59-00
Skype: stas-1974

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