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Refugees, the homeless, orphans, victims of human trafficking, the disabled, the poor. We know them by their needs. What if we knew them by name?

Serve the City is a movement of volunteers around the world connecting with local opportunities to serve in our cities. Many people want to get involved in the community and help in some way, but it’s hard to know where to start or if the simple things we might do would make a difference. Serve the City organises events where volunteers can start by showing kindness in practical ways to people in need, believing that many people doing small things together can make a big difference.

Serve the City began in Brussels in 2005, and is now active in 50 cities around the world. Serve the City organizes serving events and provides ongoing serving opportunities. Volunteers sign up to serve in projects that fit their interests and abilities. Volunteers can participate as individuals or as a group, on a one-time basis or as a regular commitment.

We who serve the city value:

Hope for change
Belief in a better world
Compassion for people in need
Serving together
Openness to all

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