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"steady productions" is a collective of friends that produces ski and snowboard videos.
We are focussed on high quality filming/editing and steeze riding. (we try it ;)

Kevin Hauser: Director, Filmer, Editor, Skier
Laurence Warren: Skier, Filmer
Matieu Hulliger: Semi-pro-skier ;)
Alain Jenni: Skier, Filmer, Editor
Fehr Nickest: Boarder
Klaus Gerber: Boarder, Longboarder
Chrigu Wälchli: Boarder
Jonathan Rousselle: Skier
Damien Jäger: Skier
Carlo Michel: Skier
Bastien Lebrun: Skier
Alain Eberhart: Photographer
Philippe Altermatt: Boarder, Photographer

We are open to film other steeze riders...

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