Daniel Davis

Phoenix, Arizona

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"Monster abduction is real."

Mr. Davis has been abducted by monsters on 318 occasions throughout his life, beginning in the pine forests of the Inland Pacific Northwest. While he has managed to escape every instance physically unscathed, he has been deeply touched by these encounters with odd creatures "from the other side." Everything that he creates reflects these traumatic experiences; Mr. Davis cannot stop drawing monsters or telling their tales.

An amateur Monsterologist, Mr. Davis is also the proprietor of Steam Crow, an organization dedicated to creating stories, artwork and products with a monster imagination. To date, Mr. Davis has illustrated, written and published 4 books about mytical beasties, all crafted in his vintage style. His most recent release, Monster Commute Book 1, is a compilation of comics from his MonsterCommute.com webcomic.

Mr. Davis is also passionate about the possibilities that the internet creates for entrepreneurial artists. He is also the founder of Tiny Army, a Phoenix-based illustration group dedicated to bringing together local illustrators to share strategies for success.

It has been said that he is rather fond of armored hats.


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