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Stefanie Butler is an American film and television actress and a member of SAG-AFTRA. She was born to Brett and Eveline Butler on February 9th, 1984 in Atlanta, Georgia, the second of four children. Stefanie began acting at a young age, putting on plays with her siblings. She continued to act and hone her skills throughout her high school and collegiate career. Stefanie attended Pepperdine University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Theater with an emphasis in acting.
Butler has appeared in a broad range of theater, television and film productions, most recently starring in the film, I Remember You. She has guest starred on CSI: NY, Shark, Rizzoli & Isles, and most recently, Frank Darabonte's Mob City. Stefanie was very proud to be a part of Billy: The Early Years, starring as Ruth Graham, wife of the famed Reverend Billy Graham, played by Armie Hammer. She has also appeared in numerous national campaigns for companies such as Burger King, Jeep, Pizza Hut and Toyota, to name a few.
Butler’s talents and training are both diverse and robust. She is athletic and possesses a broad range of accents that she isn’t shy in using. Stefanie is also an avid baseball fan, thanks to her father.

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