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Los Angeles based Animation director/Compositing artist/ Animation superviser
Born end of 1975 in West of France, Stéphane Studied Graphic Design and Sound Design.

He moved to Paris after he graduated in 1998 and worked as a Motion Designer for 8 years in the DVD industry, creating animated menus. He used each project as a playground for experimentation and refined his vision and skills in animation along the way.

In 2006 he decided to move on to a more ambitious path and left Paris for London where, since, he contributed to many exciting projects, Stéphane has been collaborating regularly with famous animation studios like Disney ABC Television Group, Cartoon Network development Studio Europe or Passion Pictures.
After almost eight years in London, he moved to Los Angeles in June 2014 to work as a Digital animation supervisor for Dreamworks Animation TV.

Since he met the artist Kevin Dart in 2008, they've been collaborating regularly and co-directed several shorts and commercials that made their way to prestigious festivals and some wan some awards.

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