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    Hotpot Labs

    by STEIM Amsterdam

    17 Videos

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    Micro Jamboree 2008

    by STEIM Amsterdam

    21 Videos

    STEIM is hosting its 2nd Micro Jamboree this December 8-11, 2008. Featuring 4 days of creativity and excellence in today’s electronic music through a wealth of presentations, discussions, and…

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    No longer used

    by STEIM Amsterdam

    2 Videos

    old stuff

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    Patterns+Pleasure Festival

    by STEIM Amsterdam

    18 Videos

    Patterns+Pleasure Festival September 26 -28, 2011 Frascati Theater, Amsterdam Organized by STEIM Program curation Takuro Mizuta Lippit Video production Vivian Wenli Lin

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    by STEIM Amsterdam

    22 Videos


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    STEIM @ Japan Society

    by STEIM Amsterdam

    5 Videos

    May 7&8, 2010 New York, NY USA

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