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Born august 11th 1967 in a small-town from west of France, Stéphane Hervé got started in journalism and photography in the early 90's where he started a youth culture magazine called R.A.G.E. and learned how to take pictures with help of amazing music photographer such as Patrick Canigher, Vincent Bouchard , Nick Adams or Philippe Levy.

After freelancing for such magazines as Guitar World, Elegy, Hard Rock Magazine, Rolling Stone, Blast, and being published in such publications as Liberation, Vanity Fair, Alternative Press, Vision, Shonen Jump and few international others... Stéphane moved to Los Angeles to launch back his music career with Dead Sexy Inc and to move on to directing with documentary and pieces aired on France 2 and Arte.

As any renaissance man from the new century, Stéphane developed his art with various forms with a very simple common ground : sound and vision. Which includes photo, music videos, art performances, installations and live performances around the globe with Dead Sexy.

Relocated in between Paris and Berlin, Stephane has been working for almost 10 years in the advertising world with few companies that includes Sony Music Japan, Nintendo Of Europe, Jive France, L'Oréal, Intel, Activision, SFR, UMAA, PMU.

He is currently working on a book and exhibition about the 90's to end up a long term relationship with the music business. 2 other exhibitions of life style and self portraits are also on the way in 2012.


"I work with both digital and film. I was trained with film, both 35 and medium format. I think cameras, films, lenses have very different qualities, different ways to help you show things and express a vision. When it comes to 35 mm I have been a faithful user of Canon but I have a soft spot for Leica, M6. I shoot square with a Hasselblad 503 Cx and an 80. I shoot advertising with both Canon 1DS and Hasselblad H4. I still use a Holga that I used to shoot the Echobrain cover record, a Lumix GF1 for nightlife and my Iphone for whatever's left in the frame. I like contrast and I'm more Corbjin and Saudek than Sarah Moon or Lachapelle (no hard feelings…). I like the flowers of Mapplethorpe, the motels of Newton, and the cows of Thierry Des Ouches."

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