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Stephanie Acosta is a multi-disciplinary artist, curator and producer focused on experimental means to experiential goals. Acosta blends performance with practiced based research creating work at once in response to, and creator of, site and space. Acosta’s performance works engage ensembles in facilitated processes to create fleeting works challenging site, pace and perception to create shared experience. Placing the materiality of the ephemeral at the root of her practice, questioning the making of immovable meanings in our manufactured limitations.

Stephanie Acosta is a Cuban American born and raised in Miami, Florida and currently resides in Chicago/NY where she works extensively with unseen histories, performance, experimental radio and film. Acosta can also be found crating with NO ONE IS ANYWHERE, DavielShyFilms and collaborators across the country.

Acosta has produced and presented works with and for the Anatomy Collective, the IN>Time Symposium, the Chicago Parks District, High Concept Laboratories, Dance Films Kino, Read/Write Library, No Media, and Radius Radio. A continued commitment to the experimental voices of Chicago performance Acosta also supports and collaborates with artists such as Mark Jeffery + Judd Morrissey of ATOM-r, as well as performance artists Robin Deacon & Erica Mott, and more. Currently presenting as NO ONE IS ANYWHERE with long time collaborator Rory Murphy, Process/Progress explores proximity and perspective.

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