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Los Angeles, California

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Stephanie Hoston - 22, writer, director, actress, a native Californian, was born and raised in Los Angeles. Stephanie, a passionate creative artist with a limitless passion to create ground –breaking projects is a force to be reckoned with. She began her Hollywood journey as an actress and singer and along the way discovered a new challenging avenue to express her art and touch audiences: filmmaking. The rest is history! Currently, Stephanie is a senior director/screenwriter at Cal State Northridge in the Editing/Film Option Program. While at CSUN Stephanie has had many opportunities to collaborate on several short film productions as director, editor and or producer. Some of her directorial credits include the romantic drama Chance and the adventure comedy Spy Idiots. Stephanie is no stranger behind the camera and knew the importance of learning all aspects of filmmaking, especially how to shoot. As a camera operator she trained with Hollyshorts Film Festival. Stephanie had the opportunity to work with stars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts as a “celebrity wrangler” with Simply Shakespeare . When she is not directing behind the camera she enjoys working as an actress in front of the camera and on stage . Recently, Stephanie completed two productions of the hit musical Spring Awakening where she starred in the roles of Wendla and Ilse. As an actress she has trained extensively with Veteran Hollywood actress /director Lillian Lehman, and currently continues her studies with Elizabeth Mestnik Acting School in Hollywood. Incendiary, is Stephanie’s senior thesis film project and latest labor of love. A musical drama about a young woman’s journey to pursue her dream career as a singer and actress during the 1960's.


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