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Stephanie L Davis is an innovative, trend-setting businesswoman with a sharp mind and tenacious drive that have catapulted her to success, both in the world of luxury real estate, and in the new now-dominant frontier of social & digital media marketing and advertising. Stephanie has cemented her reputation as a groundbreaking expert in the use of technology, art of branding, and reach of cyberspace to build business and optimize awareness since the early aughts. Many high profile companies and local New York City brands have profited from her forward-thinking, intensely creative approach to digital marketing and advertising that successfully reinforces brand identity and authority, engages current customers and captures new customers.

Stephanie L Davis is an early pioneer in leveraging social and digital media in business and marketing. Her expert tech opinion has appeared in Better Homes and Gardens, Maximum Real Estate Exposure, Metropolitan Magazine and Inman Next, just to name a few. In addition to being featured as a contributing writer for real estate-related publications, she has been featured in The New York Times, Metro New York, New York Magazine, among others. Stephanie remains at the forefront of new technology and is frequently sought as a Beta tester for new platforms and apps ahead of their launch including Facebook Mobile, Google+, Streeteasy Pro, Trulia Pro, Agentfolio and others.

Stephanie L Davis is currently a hired gun visionary and consultant in New York City where she works with everyone from tech startups and leading corporate clients to real estate developers and moguls to screenwriters and artists. Stephanie is also a popular speaker and conducts a variety of workshops. Her background includes adventures in citizen journalism, theatre arts, selling multi-million dollar properties and fiction writing. Educated in Europe and Middle America, graduated University of Kansas top of her class with distinction, Stephanie lives in New York City.

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