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Stephanie wrote backwards until she was in fourth grade. She was told that she needed to practice skipping because her coordination was off. She was also smart and tall and skipped a couple of grades and was a great athlete… "I was always a mix of wrong and brilliant and I was always confused about why I couldn't fit in (laughing) on the rare occasion that I tried." She focused her attention on books and studied art and anthropology, relationships and spirituality and healing. "When I look back at everything that I've studied and pursued, it has always been about beauty and connection and the desire to create more beauty and joy in the world. There were moments that I felt helpless about creating the future that I thought was possible… With the work that I'm doing now, though, I'm seeing so many people become more peaceful and more joyful that I have a newfound hope." Stephanie facilitates Access Consciousness classes and offers individual sessions. "It's amazing. People really can change just about anything they'd like to change."

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