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Since 2006, parallel to my work as a film-editor, I developed projects as a director: my debut music video “Back and forth” ( been selected to feature on the website “BBC film network” and it also opened me the door to the Berlin Talent Campus in the same year. In 2007, my first project in Berlin “Jump from a platform” ( was also selected on the BBC film network and screened in Berlin, Paris and Jerusalem.

Professionally ,as an film-editor, my credits include numerous programs on Channels all over the world (BBC, Historychannel, Discovery channel, France 2, Canal Plus, ARTE etc…) as well as selections in film Festivals (Berlin International Film festival, Clermont-Ferrand International short film festival…) In addition, my regular collaboration with the directors Brigitte Kramer and Jörg Jeshel made me edited Film portrait and art films for renowned artists such as Sasha Waltz(, Alain Platel(, Akademie für Alte Musik ( or Ulrike Ottinger.

Since 2007 in Berlin, I progressively integrated the Berliner music and art scene through working directly with the artists, I created the documentary serie Berliner Moment (
I directed, shot and edited numerous films for bands and ensemble like: Sasha Waltz and Guest (contemporary dance)(, Akademie für Alte Musik (Baroque music), Orkestra del sol (Scottish Brass band)( Solistensemble Kaleidoskop (Contemporary music) ( Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra (Jazz), Antoine Villoutreix (Französische Chanson)(, Diving for Sunken Treasure (Gypsie Punk), Tralalka (Eastern European songs) (

Contrasting with my experience in working for the media industry, I try to explore an independent way to create films directly with the artists. In addition, through the use of the internet, I enjoy a great creative freedom and at the same time it gives a new voice to great artists.

Living now in Berlin, available for work internationaly.

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