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    Cape Town - Mar 2011

    by Stephan

    1 Video

    Another business trip to SA

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    Chicago Holiday - Apr 2010

    by Stephan

    4 Videos

    Being stranded by the ash cloud on our way back to London didn't mean we'd just lay down and be miserable. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

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    Florida Holiday - Apr 2010

    by Stephan

    6 Videos

    Our wonderful Florida vacation!

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    Winter Wonderland - Dec 2009

    by Stephan

    1 Video

    Hyde Park, UK

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    by Stephan

    1 Video

    I enjoy rendering and recording HD videos of some of the best demoscene creations, at max settings. For the executables please visit http://www.scene.org

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    Las Vegas Vacation - Mar 08

    by Stephan

    2 Videos

    I was lucky to stay at the Caesar Palace between the 4th and 11th March 2008. I didn't get much footage but the little I have I will post here, in SD.

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