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For over the past 10 years, Stephen has applied the craft of character animation to a variety of projects and has been fortunate to have worked with some of the biggest studios in the animation industry. His start in feature animation came from an internship with Pixar Animation Studios. Since then, Stephen has had the pleasure of working on projects for Blue Sky Studios, Reel FX, Dreamworks Animation, Laika, Blizzard Entertainment, and most recently as a Senior Character Animator for Sony Pictures Imageworks. Eager to share his love of animation, Stephen has been involved with teaching at and is co-creator of, a blog and podcast dedicated to telling the stories of what it takes to make an animated production by interviewing the artists behind the scenes. Although very grateful for the opportunities that he has had, Stephen continues to grow and challenge himself with each new project and loves to be able to share that experience and knowledge with others.


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