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The Stereo Boyz consist of members Mixo (aka Applauze Beetz), Mic Audio (aka Perfect Hell) and Kid Boombox. Before becoming the super group Stereo Boyz the three were a part of the “Rhyme Asylum” (1999 – 2008), a group that claimed a reputation of being one of Detroit’s most hardcore underground rap groups. Performing since a young age, the three have created an undeniable stage presence, they master the ceremony, and in countless freestyle competitions The Stereo Boyz have earned the respect of every emcee they came across.
With Mixo and Kid Boombox coming from Detroit and Mic Audio from Chicago they have created a perfect fusion of the Midwest. Combining strong lyrics with catchy hooks, their sound merges the best of both worlds: clever rhymes and beats that any hip hop fan will nod their head or move their feet to.
The mixtape “Sound Check Vol 1” was their first group effort and has earned praises from rap fans worldwide, as well as Mic Audios recent solo project “Biblical Fearical”. The Stereo Boyz will drop their EP “Live from the Ghettoblaster” on January 22nd and their highly anticipated debut album “Radio Heads” is set to be released in the summer of 2011. Constantly in the studio recording and working on new beats and rhymes the group has several mixtapes from all group members coming out, making it impossible to be slept on.
The Stereo Boyz represent the past, present, & future of Detroit Hip-Hop. Their combination of Detroit Motown and Chicago’s House & Electro Pop sound has created a midwest masterpiece. Now it’s time to share that masterpiece with the world.

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