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Steve Bloom is a writer and a photographer who specialises in evocative images of the living world. Born in South Africa in 1953, he first used the camera to document life there during the apartheid years.
In the early nineties, during a safari holiday, he began photographing animals, and within a short time he had swapped his established city career for the precarious life of an international travelling photographer. Steve Bloom’s concern for the environment is strongly evident in his images. He strives to capture the animal’s spirit, and blur the lines separating different species.
He has won international awards for his work, including The Power of Photography Award, The Golden Eye of Russia, and Lucie Awards. His books have been published internationally in over seventy editions. He has staged several exhibitions, including large outdoor exhibitions in city centres called Spirit of the Wild. These free exhibitions promote environmental issues and have been seen by several million people in eleven European cities. In Copenhagen alone, more than 1.4 million visitors were officially counted during the five month run.
His books include Untamed, Elephant!, Living Africa, Spirit of the Wild and Trading Places - The Merchants of Nairobi, which features an engaging community and its street art. He has also had a number of children's books published, including My Favourite Animal Families and Elephants: A book for Children.

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