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Steve has been involved in film and the arts for the past 23 years. He attended Clark College, majoring in acting for theatre and film, prior to accepting a position as a performer for the internationally recognized Tears of Joy Theatre. Steve toured and performed for three seasons throughout the US and abroad with TOJ.
After he left TOJ, Steve returned to the live theatre scene. An award winning scenic designer, actor, and director, Coker was the co-founder and artistic director for two theatre companies (It’s ACME Productions and La Bodega Productions). In addition he has written several children’s plays and several full length plays. His comedy “Looking for Olivia” was nominated as Best Play and Best Screenplay at the Swansea Bay International Film Festival in Wales and accepted in the Dylan Thomas Center’s “Play-Offs”, an annual competition for new theatre works.
Steve studied film at The Art Institute of Portland, where he created several short films, and cemented his love for the film medium.
Steve’s silent-film parody “On the Wrong Foot” was the recipient of The Audience Choice and Best Acting Ensemble Awards at the 2006 48hr Film Festival and has been seen internationally at the Swansea Bay International Film Festival and the Barcelona, Spain International Film Festival.
Steve has written, produced, and directed several original screenplays and has recently acquired the rights to adapt the novel “The Last Starship From Earth” for film production in 2010.
Currently Steve is the Co-founder and an Executive Producer/Director for Lazy Eye Films and Hunter’s Moon Productions here in Portland and has recently finished his first independent feature “Crackin’ The Code” which is currently screening at international film festivals and has been nominated as “Best First Feature American” at both the South African and Irish International Film Festival.

Of Steve’s Writing:

“Looking For Olivia heralds the arrival of the next generation of American writers in the tradition of Neil Simon and Woody Allen - Steve Coker is seriously good. I look forward enormously to his future works...” - Binda Singh, Swansea Bay Film Festival

Of Steve’s Films:

From The Willamette Week, Aug 23rd, 2006
From The Article "48 Hour Picture People" following the premier of our entry into the 48 hr Film Festival.
"... it seems that competition producer Rob Hatch was right: The 48 Hour Film Project is more about the joy of the collaborative process (and no sleep) than the cinematic end result. Of this year's films, all of which were screened Aug. 16 and 17, many were poorly made, relied too heavily on potty humor and were, at times, utterly incoherent. But a few shining jewels made the first-round screening worth watching. On this Thursday's program, keep an eye open for WW's picks, team Cinema Syndicate's mocumentary Tooth and Nail about a vampire running for state senate and Lazy Eye Films' meticulous silent comedy, On the Wrong Foot. These films were well-produced and well-edited, and they underscore the power of what independent filmmakers with good ideas, digital technology-and a little NoDoz-can do. "

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